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How to manually add a channel that is not listed in the Roku channel Store;
1) Go to the Roku web site - and make sure the Country selection at the bottom right of the Roku website for which the account was created is the same. For example if the account was created in Canada then you select Canada - English but if in the US then select United States
2) Sign in with the same account information you used when you set up your roku device, then head to the "My Account" page.
3) Click "Add Channel with a code" under "Manage Account". Once there, enter the channel’s access code and click Add Channel.

United Kingdom Television

Channel Access Codes= UKTV or HNQ56J

Current Status : Online

Current Live Online channels ;

ITVbe                              Film4                                 E4
BBC News                        Channel 4                            Horror
Insight TV                       Channel 5                            Really
London Live                      5 Star                                Yesterday
Heart TV                          ITV 1 - 4                           Food Network
Capital TV                        BBC 1, 2, 4                         Drama
Ideal World TV                More4                                Challenge
Sky News                         CBS Action - CBS Drama

UKTV Live TV - The home for all your HD US and UK Live television programming in one place.

Channel selection and availability not guaranteed. Subject to change at anytime.

Value for the whole Family. TV Guide:

Canadian Television

Channel Access Codes: CanadaTV or RQJP9N

Current Status : Online

Channel selection and availability not guaranteed.  Subject to change at anytime.

Current Live Online channels ;

CityTV - Online

TSC - Online

TVO - TVO Kids - Online

CBC English - Online

TVA (French) - Online

ICI RDI (French) - Online

ICI Tele (French) - Online

CTV - Online

          History - Online

YesTV - Online

        CHCH - Online

OMNI - Online

HGTV - Online

A&E - Online

TV5 Monde (French) - Online

Canal Savoir (French) - Online

Assemblee Nationale (French) - Online


Channel Access Code: Relax

Current Status : Online

This channel is directed too but not only, people that suffer from Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, etc. that need to de-stress and help sleep at night or just want a peaceful evening by the fire or beach :) with Relaxation, Meditation, Nature sounds, Spa type relaxation music, Soothing Sounds & Music, Birds, Thunder and Rain, etc. which I hope will provide you Tranquility, Balance, Brain healing, Zen and Calmness to your busy lives.

Requests always Welcome

Channel currently includes videos as below;

Rain forest
Thunder storm
Zen - Spa